Roast profiles and cliffnote learning

Why we post this

We want to share our journey with coffee roasting and offer logic and transparency in our process to explain tasting profiles. We purposely explore flavor profiles to bring out the best in each variety of coffee we roast. 
  • Coffeeclectic roasts on a Probat P-Series in Berkeley California.
  • All orders currently ship on Fridays of each week.  

Roasting Notes:

Roaster's Journey Box, Third roast on 10/7/2022, (01-RJB-03):

On our third roast of these two beans, we focused on development time of 25% or more and achieved a consistent 40% Maillard on the Timor Leste and a consistent 45% Maillard on the Papua New Guinea.  

  • Because of the Maillard being 40% or higher, the sweetness in the beans are more on the spectrum of dark chocolate, caramel and molasses. 
  • With the development percentage at 25% and higher, the distinct dark berry notes are more pronounced.
  • The sweetness in the bean is subtle and the body is amazing, these roasts represents Southeast Asia coffees very well.




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