Why Southeast Asia

In 2016 and 2018 on trips to Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, we discovered an amazing coffee culture with people passionate about locally grown, single origin coffee. We were blown away at the complexity and flavors of these coffees.

After returning from that initial trip, I had the opportunity to work for an amazing coffee roaster in San Francisco. The roasting profiles focused on sweetness in the bean and the coffees roasted were mostly from South and Central America as well as Africa grown varieties. Having this experience gave me the opportunity to focus on and develop my palate as well as be a part of how seed to cup happens. 

Much like potential supply issues with cacao beans from Central America and Africa, Southeast Asia is preparing for the inevitable change in availability of coffee beans by increasing the growth of speciality coffee. Southeast Asia coffees have many advocates and I am fortunate to have met a few who encourage and at times helped guide my path back into coffee. 

Most of the world is focused on Arabica coffee, the starchild of coffee, but Southeast Asia (SEA) has unique varieties of Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and others. The average US coffee drinker has not explored the amazing flavors and experiences these coffees can bring. 


Coffeeclectic was created to bring Southeast Asia staples in Arabica beans as well as rare and unique varieties directly to your doorstep!