What We Do

We work with small coffee importers in the U.S. that work with small specialty farms in Southeast Asia. We acquire some of these single origin coffee beans and then roast them in small batches. 

Coffeeclectic offers Southeast Asia coffees with a roast story and roasting profiles. We want to create transparency on how roasting influences flavor in our coffee beans. 


We are Brent and Doreen and we offer you an open invite to join our journey in exploring unique coffees underrepresented in America.


Who We Are

Coffeeclectic is an expansion of Cococlectic, where our focus is on small batch bean to bar chocolate. Coffeeclectic roasts and shares unique small batch speciality coffee from Southeast Asia.    

 Our customers are coffee drinkers who want to explore different coffees, get excited about small batch and enjoy exploring different roasting profiles for each coffee.

Our goal is to showcase underrepresented Arabica and other varieties of coffees from Southeast Asia. 


About the Roaster

I’m Brent, co-founder of Cococlectic and I’m excited to introduce you to our newest addition - Coffeeclectic, Southeast Asia speciality coffee roasting in California. Coffee and food have always been important in my life, they allow the opportunity to show admiration and bring us together. 

I found my love for coffee through culinary, while working with chefs at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. I eventually decided to attend culinary school where I spent a lot of time developing my palate and understanding flavors. This skillset proved to be invaluable and I was fortunate to meet a coffee roaster who was starting a roasting company when I graduated.

I spent two years focusing on developing flavor profiles with this roaster and establishing operations to grow the business. It was during this time that coffee became a main vehicle to which I found a common connection to people.

I roast in Berkeley California on four different commercial roasting machines, with a current focus on a Probat 5 Kilo. I purchase from small batch Southeast Asia speciality coffee importers and personal contacts throughout Southeast Asia.