The Roaster's Journey Box

The Roaster's Journey Box is a curated box of whole coffee beans focused on the Bean, the Roast and the Cup!

By focusing on the Bean, the Roast and the Cup, we are able to delve deep into each process to include but not limited to: 
Bean: Origin, process method, location
Roast: Heat theory and why, what to expect in flavors because of specific roast profiles, Roasting curves with detailed approach and how it happened
Cup: How I make coffee to bring out the flavors in the specific roast

Each Roaster's Journey Box Series consists of 3 shipments over a period of 6 weeks. Each Series will feature 3 Batches of 2 different coffee regions from Southeast Asia. Receive 2x 6oz coffee bags every 2 weeks. Each Batch will share similar taste profiles but vary in flavor based on different roast levels.    

Cost: $79 per Series of 3 Batches
Shipping: Within the US included 
Duration: Each Batch ships every 2 weeks, for a total of 6 weeks

Roaster's Journey Box Series I 
Batch 1 - West Java and Sulawesi origin, 6oz each, ships July 1 
Batch 2 - West Java and Sulawesi origin, 6oz each, ships July 15 
Batch 3 - West Java and Sulawesi origin, 6oz each, ships July 29


Join the journey and follow along as I roast Southeast Asia coffee beans in Berkeley California.

The 5 main regions in rotation are Java, Sumatra, Timor, Papua New Guinea and Siluwesi (unless otherwise noted).

Learn more about the roaster here

Limited number of boxes are available in each Series. Click on the product for exact details.


 **Actual coffee beans shipped may appear different from photos

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