The Roaster's Journey Box Series II
The Roaster's Journey Box Series II
The Roaster's Journey Box Series II

The Roaster's Journey Box Series II

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Coffee Beans Regions

Bean 1: Sulawesi Rodo Rodo

This coffee has a dry fragrance that smells of rustic natural sugars with ripe plantain, and the sweetness of tobacco. The wet aroma has a hint of basil, amidst intense coconut palm sugar and bittering cacao notes.

It displays typical markers of a wet hulled coffee; thick body, bittersweetness, and foresty earth tones. But where this coffee excels is in the high level of sweetness it produces that has a slight fruit flavor to it too. The mix of unrefined, earthy sweetness and fruits bring out flavor elements of brown rice syrup, the rustic overtones of palm sugar, hints of banana pudding and pungent cantaloupe. 


Rodo Rodo is a small village on the slopes of Gunung Latimojong ("gunung" means mountain, or hill), which at 3,478 meters, is the highest mountain in Sulawesi. Rodo Rodo coffee is grown organically, though they have not obtained certification. A big part of their organic farming success is that they are goat herders, not vegetable farmers, which require pesticides.


I am excited to see how this coffee roasts in the three different profiles. 


Bean 2: Papua New Guinea

I decided to dig deeper into this coffee, i'm not quite done with the profile. I found a couple amazing profiles with this coffee and want to dial down the best profile.

This coffee is meant to have a medium body across a range of roasts, and moderate acidity, a fruited lemongrass hint, dried apple slices, natural dried stone fruit flavor, with some rustic sweetness at more roast development. 

Korgua Estate sits at about 1400 meters above sea level and is planted mostly in older Bourbon and Typica cultivars. It's a wet processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherry and much of the fruit are stripped from the seed using depulping machinery, and then the seed still covered in sticky mucilage is submerged in water tanks where it ferments overnight, breaking down the remaining outer layer of fruit. 


Each Batch Roast Profile

Batch 1: Light roasted, or cinnamon to city roast levels
Batch 2: Medium roast, or city to city plus roast levels 
Batch 3: Dark roast, or city plus to full city roast levels

Shipping Dates 

First shipment mailed December 12, 2022

Batch 1: Week of December 12, 2022
Batch 2: Week of December 26, 2022
Batch 3: Week of January 9, 2023


In Each Batch Shipment

Batch 1: 1x 6oz bag of Sulawesi and 1x 6oz bag of Papua New Guinea
Batch 2: 1x 6oz bag of Sulawesi and 1x 6oz bag of Papua New Guinea
Batch 3: 1x 6oz bag of Sulawesi and 1x 6oz bag of Papua New Guinea


Limited number of boxes are available in each Series. Regular shipping within the US is included.